Water Softeners and Reverse Osmosis systems by Hague Quality Water.
Iron and Sulfur removal systems 
and more.

So you're looking to get better quality water and maybe install something new but what should it be? Well, frankly that depends on what issues you want addressed. Some folks are ok with some odor while others can't stand any. This is where a conversation with us comes in to identify what your goal is. You don't know if its achievable unless you ask - and yes we can solve anything. Having said that, our job comes down to matching your water conditions to the right piece or pieces of equipment to provide you with the water quality you want.
We offer:
Conditioners that can include the highest of efficiencies and features.
Reverse osmosis systems for drinking water that deliver higher levels of performance in resulting pressure and efficiency than our competitors.
Iron and sulfur removal systems that use no chemicals, regenerants on venturis that will slow water flow and need regular cleaning.
Salt-Free water conditioning options that work.
Ozone water treatment systems for iron and sulfur removal and bacterial control.
Arsenic Removal systems with media specifically targeted towards arsenic removal for whole house or removal for specific locations.
Systems to boost flow from slow wells.
Distillers for the purest drinking water.
Dissolved gas removal to eliminate air spitting faucets.
Ultra-fine sediment filtration systems without cartridges.
Tannin removal to eliminate the yellow stains of dissolved organics.
Chlorine Injection systems to sanitize and address a variety of other issues .
Whole House Reverse Osmosis to provide higher quality throughout the home.
Conditioners and Carbon filtration systems for city water applications whether from a municipal well (ie: Waterford, Rochester, Armada) or surface water supply (ie: Detroit water supply)
And more....too much to show here but but take a look at the WaterMAX by Hague

Hague's WaterMAX units are patented for their unique, industry leading design. Three interior compartments allow a combination of media configurations for 83 variations in a single unit. This gives Hague's WaterMax units the unparalleled flexibility to offer top in class efficiency, flow rates and the ability to treat multiple water issues in a single unit. Softeners offer not just a 25 year factory warranty on the resin, tank, valve body and cabinet but we also warrant the moving parts and electrical components for 10 years!

It is also the only appliance which carries the WQA Gold Seal and NSF Certification on the entire system. (not just the valve or media tank)

To top it off, its designed, manufactured and assembled in the U.S.A.!