Attention: Please be aware that during the Statewide Stay at Home Order we have temporarily changed our hours. We will be open from 9 to 3 instead of 8:30 to 5. Also, we are making salt available curbside and you can pay over the phone for any items needed via credit card that can be set outside for you as well. We currently do have plenty of 5 and 3 gallon jugs of water available as well as Duracube salt. We are also doing service work on equipment as usual, but deliveries will be left either in your garage or at a door. We are trying to do our part to balance getting you what you need while kepping you and us safe!
Thank you for your support and Stay Healthy!

Do you want better quality water?
Unsure if your water treatment equipment is working
or if it needs to be repaired?
Confused about what type of system or features you need?
Action Water has been satisfying it's customers for 25 years and is proud to be an
exclusive dealer for Hague Quality Water brand water treatment appliances . They are designed, manufactured and assembled right here in the U.S.A. Now run by the second generation of Hague family members, Hague Quality Water ships from the U.S. around the world from Europe to the far east. In 2010 they celebrated 50 years of providing innovative, industry leading products.
With our experience and wide variety of quality products
we can satisfy just about any water treatment need you may have!

We install everything we sell (no subcontractors), and service almost any brand of conditioner, softener, filter and reverse osmosis system.
We also deliver DuraCube salt and bottled water to your home or business.

Benefits of Water Treatment

Cleaner Brighter Laundry- you'll see the difference. Soft water allows you to save up to 75% on soap products simply  by allowing soap to do it's job. The result: clothes last up to 33% longer.

See and Feel the Difference- Gone are the hard water deposits that damage hair and the soap curd that blocks skin pores. Towels and clothes feel softer because they rinse cleaner. Also, with softened water your fixtures will sparkle and shine.

Cleaner Bathrooms, Less Labor- With soft water, you eliminate the need to scrub soap scum. Remove the iron staining problem where water hits fixtures and discolors the wash. Think of all the things you would rather do than clean up hard water problems!

Taste the Difference- Gone are the objectionable tastes and odors that may invade everyday tap water. Enjoy the natural taste of Water. You'll find foods and beverages taste better and look better when prepared with quality water from a Watermax system.

Save Up To 30% on Plumbing maintenance & Hot Water Energy- Hard Water is #*$%#+##!! on your plumbing and the damage that results costs you money. Hard water also builds up a layer of scale in your water heater. Did you know that as little as 1/8" of scale could increase your water heating costs 30%?